AEGEE Postcrossing

Christmas is ending (insert here a big smile), but before we say it good bye until next December, I’m happy to show you these postcards sent from The Netherlands. And you will be wondering, what’s AEGEE Postcrossing? Postcrossing it’s a platform were people from all over the world can send and receive random postcards. You can explore more in its website, or better, in my profile! 😛 So, AEGEE-Warszawa (European Student’s Forum) organizes since 6 years ago a kind of postcrossing among all the members of the network. This year my fortunate penpal was Karlien from AEGEE-Groningen, so I made her a drawing with Catalan traditions and a big explanation in a letter. As a response, she sent me a Christmas postcard in dutch. And, what a coincidence, I was the penpal for Suzan, from AEGEE-Groningen too, so she sent me this cutie postcard, as well as some stroopwafels and pepernoten, a sweet typical from The Netherlands. Hope you like all these Christmas stuff! 🙂

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Santa’s helpers

It has been a very long time since I wrote the last time… so, happy New Year 2016, 2017 and 2018! This Christmas, as usual, I sent a lot of handmade cards greeting the Christmas to all my family and friends. The furthest ones went to Germany. Nevertheless, I received more postcards than I expected, so I would like to show you my favorite one: Bartolo and me dressed as little Santa. This lovely drawing was made by my friend Eider, directly from Basque Country. Can’t wait to receive more drawings like this!


The spas of Budapest

Budapest is a city full of hot springs and this postcard shows 6 of them. I only have the pleasure to have visited the most famous one, Széchenyi Spa (right hand on the top) last February, in my second time in Budapest. It has three outdoor swimming pools and plenty of small pools inside. The water was reaaaally hot but the temperature outside it was about 10º. Klàra sent me the postcard, and despite she preferrs the sea, she says “The indoor baths are the oldest. They date back to 500 years when the Turkish Empire reached up as far as Hungary. The hot waters are good for several rheumatic diseases”.

The spas of Budapest


This is one of my favourite postcards! I received on September, after my two weeks holidays in The Netherlands! 🙂 I have been there twice more. I like because you can see the map of Holland (in fact, Holland is one of the provinces of Nederland). I love to see the postcard and think about in which places I have been and the other that I must to visit!! It was sent by Mari, who lives in Arnhem and loves to show her country to other people. Thanks!!




This is the only postcard that I have received from Italy (mm..strange..), so I like it! It’s a bit old, and also I like to receive postcards from places that I’ve been before 🙂 I went to Pisa in summer 2006 (for sure this postcard it was made years before!!). It’s nice because the information about Pisa’s tower is in spanish 🙂 It was sent by Giulia, who lives in Rome, but she recommend me to visit Pisa 🙂 done!